Cayos Cochinos 6.5 Acres Cay Islands for sale off Honduras $2.5 Million

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This is a Premium Caribbean Islands for sale, could not ask for anything better, your own private island off Honduras mainland that we are now including in the new listing of Cayos Cochinos Real Estate.

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Located just 30 kilometers off La Ceiba on the mainland, in a group of marine Caribbean Islands protected  and known as Cayos Cochinos or Hog Islands that consist of 2 small Islands and 13 Cays. Caribbean Honduras has taken off in the tourist and real estate industry in the last decade. Cayos Cochinos in the closest group of islands to mainland Honduras and daily trips go there from different tourist companies in La Ceiba and have a taste of the culture, cuisine, beauty, diving or just chill out in a virgin white sandy beach with a view to the mountainous coast of the mainland and the clear turquoise waters and reef. A new catamaran is scheduled to operate daily before the end of 2,016 for a much comfortable ride. Cayos Cochinos has been declared among the clearest waters and unspoiled new destinations in the World with vibrant, healthy and abundant marine life. Because of its location in the Western Caribbean, it is not in the Hurricane Path, like other Caribbean islands. Almost all visits to Cayos Cochinos departure from La Ceiba and the surrounding Garifuna communities along the coast.

To give you a broad picture of what represent Cayos Cochinos compared with the other islands in the Caribbean of Honduras. Roatan with 50 kilometers long is the biggest Island with an International Airport and is the destination of High-End visitors from all over the World and the most develop with now two cruise ship terminals, it has totally lost its original native flavor. Utila with 5 kilometers long is a flat Island and is the main destination for backpackers from all over the world and the cheapest place to learn to dive, it has kept some of its original Caribbean charm. Now, Cayos Cochinos being a bio marine reserve with limited and controlled development by law has kept its original beauty in landscaping and culture diversity with the Garifuna community along the English Caribbean and the mainland inhabitants and it will continue to be so, Cayos Cochinos gained notoriety in the last 10 years when the Spanish and Italian version of the reality show “Survivor” decided to film the realities on the islands and cays, actually not only the Spanish and Italians film here every year, but, also the Colombian and Israeli realities are filmed here.

The Cay is closest to the major small  island of the archipelago with elevations up to 150 feet above sea level in two rocky places with an area of 6.5 acres with full title with private dock. One main wooden house partially furnished with two bedrooms and a loft and three bungalows, a caretaker´s house, has its own natural spring sweet water or shallow well that never dries out, probably water comes from the main mountainous island due to the closeness, covered with over 800 palm trees, sea grapes, and other native plants, white sandy beach on one side of the key and the other is protected by coral reef. Most of the other keys have high-end private houses, and there are several tourist attractions including a boutique resort where you can go and dine and order a cold beer, diving centers, and the research center.  Priced at 2.5 million US dollars