temperature between October to March, winter (invierno in Spanish) which is our cooler weather can go between 19 ° to 27 ° Celsius  or 67 ° to 81° Fahrenheit with an average of 25° Celsius or 78° Fahrenheit, yes, we get cold fronts from Canada and we usually get two days of low temperature and rain, usually never below 19° Celsius or 67° Fahrenheit, you can experience a difference of temperature between the sea level areas and the mountains in La Ceiba, above 300 feet sea level of 3 to 5 degrees Celsius or 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, that is one of the convenience of living in the Hill with an ocean view.

The temperatures between April to September, summer (verano in Spanish) can go from 27° to 31° degrees Celsius or 81° to 87° Fahrenheit, again here, the temperatures are a bit cooler on the mountains, something very appreciated on the summer time.